Acoustic Divider Wall

Z I P dividers are designed to divide larger areas into quieter, more functional spaces, providing an easy and cost-effective way to minimize the noise and visual distractions found in today’s open work environment. Constructed from 100% recycled PET materials, Z I P dividers absorb up to 85% of ambient noise and easily zip together to create an innovative acoustic solution that allows workers to be more focused and productive while maintaining the benefits of collaboration.


Features and benefits

Rated to absorb 85% of ambient noise (NRC 0.85)

Made from 100% recycled PET eco-friendly materials:

Offered as 3-pack with expansion panels sold separately

Panels zip together making it easy to extend the length

Flexible zippers allow panels to rotate for any layout option

Tackable fabric material

Available in 5 colors: Graphite, Silver, Marine, Sand, Copper


ZIP Extension Panel

Extension panel with zip either side

Expand the 3 panel by adding extensions

Use as a stand alone panel with the purchase of T-Leg

Available in 5 colors: Graphite, Silver, Marine, Sand, Copper

T-Leg used only to make extension panel stand alone



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