Automatic 'No Touch' Height Adjustable Dispenser:

•  Non-tilt floor standing

•  Automatic sensor for safe no-touch gel dispensing

•  Drip tray included for use on carpeted areas

•  Height adjustable from 1200 to 1550mm high

•  4 x AA Battery operated (not included)

•  Adjustable flow control: 0.8ml / 1.2ml / 1.5ml

•  Perfect for all public space entry ways

•  Antibacterial Sanitising Gel available

•  1 Year warranty







Sanitiser Stand with Auto Gel Dispenser

Sanitising Gel Carton of 12 x 500ml Bottles

FAQ Stand


  • 7Instructions are confusing

    A: Updated assembly instructions have been added to the web page, available for download.

  • 7Screws: which to use?

    A: Models ordered before August 1st 2020 came with additional long silver screws that are not needed for the stand model. They are wall mounting screws packed in the Dispenser unit box, these are not needed with the stand.

    The screws for the base plate are 3 x black screws (g) found pre-attached to pole (e).

    (j) Screws supplied are in some cases smaller. Replacement screws can be sent out if required upon request.

    Models ordered after August 1st 2020 will only include (j) screws for mounting to stand.


  • 7Can't find floor base plate

    A: The base plate (d) is located in the very bottom of the carton tightly packed over with cardboard.

  • 7Can't find Dispenser bracket

    A: (a.1) is pre-attached to the back of (a), found in the Dispenser unit box.


  • 7Adjust to counter top height

    A: Follow assembly instructions as usual. Do not use pole (f). Instead, attach stand head (b) to pole (e).


FAQ Dispenser Unit


  • 7The lid won't lock down

    A: The lid will not lock into position if the Dispenser unit (a) is not correctly secured to the bracket (a.1).

    Ensure that the Dispenser unit is secured correctly.


  • 7Batteries are in, won't turn on

    A: Make sure that on the bottom of the Dispenser unit the 2 dots have been lined up, and the battery compartment is securely locked in correctly. Shown in updated instructions.


  • 7Why is the Unit beeping?

    A: Beeping will occur when one battery has been placed into the unit the wrong way around. Ensure that batteries are the right way around.

  • 7Sanitiser and Unit: What and how to use

    A: The unit only works with GEL sanitiser. GEL sanitiser is thicker than other sanitisers. Watery, runny non-gel sanitiser won’t work in the unit, and will cause a spray and dribble effect. We suggest to use Clean Plus Instant GEL Hand Sanitiser.


    Once the stand is assembled – turn the top key (i) which will open up the storage tank for the GEL, pour in the GEL, and to relock turn the key again. Do not throw away the Key (i).


    On the bottom of the Dispenser unit there are 2 Buttons: One is the on/ off button and the other is for the flow control. There are 3 settings available. Turn off the unit to start with, turn it back on and then press the button once/ twice/ three times depending on the amount you would like to release as per settings. Shown in updated instructions.


  • 7The Unit won't work at all

    A: The checklist is:

    1) Check batteries are installed correctly 2) Check Unit is turned on 3) Check that nothing is impeding the sensor

    If the unit attempts to dispense but doesn’t – check that you are using a GEL sanitiser

    If the unit does not attempt to dispense – check the power.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us.