EVOKO: LISO Room Manager

Making Meetings Easy

A self-hosted device for easy interaction and room booking. A room manager that brings all the features you need in a room booking device. It’s placed outside each bookable meeting room, conference room and other bookable spaces.

• 3-way indirect light aura to make room status visible already from a distance

• Open API for third party integration

• Communication via real-time two-way connection

• Remote management with multi-site support

• Real-time monitoring & statistics

• 8 inch capacitive touch display with anti-fingerprint treatment

• Connects to Wi-Fi

• Proximity sensor

• Ambient light sensor

• Mounting options for both standard and glass walls

• 5-way cable exit option for easy and neat installation

Self-hosted - With this solution you will have full control over your

self-hosted server installation and devices.

All inclusive - Pay a one-time cost and receive a lifetime of

product support and free updates.



Indicates that the room is available for more than 10 minutes. Look for this if you need a room for an ad-hoc meeting.


Indicates an upcoming booking. A meeting stars within 10 minutes. Check-in is required. Look for this if you have made a booking.


Indicates that there is an ongoing meeting in the room.

As easy as traffic lights

Bright and vivid colors indicates if a room is available or occupied, allowing users to see the room status at a glance.

Included Apps & Services

Meeting Point Management

Configure and administer self-hosted room booking system with multi-site management, permission control and real-time unit monitoring.

Get A Room App

Use the app to book a room and invite colleagues to a meeting room and manage booking.

Online Web Booking

Multi-tenant booking is a co-working managing tool adapted for shared workspaces.





Evoko: Liso Room Manager