LX6 Slim Edge Whiteboards

The Visionchart LX6 Slim Edge stylish minimalist frame hides all fixtures from the board face giving a totally clean and visually appealing look. The whiteboard features a hardwearing magnetic surface for general use applications. Enhances any modern office or workspace.


LX8 Slim Edge Porcelain Whiteboards

When quality and style count the Visionchart EDGE LX8000 Porcelain board is the industry leading standard. The frame is aesthetically designed to be minimalist. A 4mm lip in the profile covers and protects the cut edge of the porcelain board surface.


LX8 Slim Edge Projection Porcelain Whiteboards

80% Projection - 20% Writing.

For a slim and sophisticated look the Visionchart EDGE is what you need. Visionchart EDGE LX8000 L frame provides a frameless appearance that complements any modern décor.


LX2 Slim Edge e3™ Projection Whiteboards

LX2 e3TM whiteboards are the choice for schools, universities, colleges, hospitals and corporate meeting rooms with contemporary style & Invisible wall mountings to provide a clean look . . . THE PERFECT SURFACE FOR EVERY SPACE.

Unmatched for sleek, smooth consistency and strict flatness tolerances, LX2 e3TM Ceramic Steel Surface is an ideal multifunctional whiteboard that works with both analog and digital information, an increasingly important tool for everyday learning and collaboration.