Custom Printed
Whiteboards & Glassboards

Custom Printed
Whiteboards & Glassboards


Custom graphic whiteboards and glass boards provide a personalised experience, tailored to varied organisational needs.


Offering an outlet for specific visual management and communication, these custom printed writing boards are a staple in offices, educational and medical institutions across the world.


Perfect for large scale projects, education, commercial spaces, hospitals, home and much more...

Surfaces & Frames


Standard Frame Whiteboard

Popular: Education

Sturdy framed whiteboard

Magnetic receptive

Best-selling product

Strong core

Slim EDGE Frame Whiteboard

Popular: Commercial, Home & Education

Lightweight narrow whiteboard

Magnetic receptive

Best-selling product

Flat-to-wall seamless design

Glassboard, Silver Fittings

Popular: Medical & Education

Toughened 4.5mm Glass

Steel backing with magnetic finish

Lifetime glass warranty*

Hi-tech Large Format Printing


With Hi-tech large format printing, paired with the assistance of our in-house design team, the possibilities are endless to achieve bespoke design.


Print solid colour, subtle patterns, simple or complex graphics.

Colour match and print to your selected CMYK or Pantone palette.


Any size to the millimeter


We offer a standard range of set sizes and planner designs for offices and education environments. However our specialty is custom design and custom sizes; Designed for your specific organisation needs.


Whiteboards can be manufactured to any size from 600x450mm up to 3000x1200mm. Glassboards up to 2400x1200mm.

Custom Design Inspiration


VISIONCHART can produce any design printed underneath a Dry-erase magnetic writing surface.


Custom Calendar Layouts

Medical & Patient Boards

Term Planners

Music Stave Boards

Safety & Pre-start Planners

Specialty Organisation Boards