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Autex 3D Ceiling Tiles

Sculptural Acoustic Tiles

Whimsical, sculpted ceilings


A side-step from the traditional acoustic ceiling tile, 3D Ceiling Tiles offer both form and function—lending their abstract, three-dimensional shape to the architectural pursuit of a ceiling that begs you to look up. Made from 100% polyester fibre, 3D Ceiling Tiles are lightweight and structurally sound, designed to be direct fixed or fit within a standard ceiling grid. As sculptural acoustic art, 3D Ceiling Tiles hold their own—a statement design feature and high-performance acoustic treatment in one fell swoop.


Features and benefits

Delivers excellent acoustic performance

Designed to fit traditional ceiling grids

Available in five designs



Form: Tile

NRC: 0.65 - 0.90

Composition: 100% polyester fibre (PET)

Fire rating: AS5637.1, AS ISO9705-2003. Group 1, (SMOGRArc): <100m2/s2.

Size: 575 mm x 575 mm

Thickness: Varies by design, refer to data sheet

Application: Ceiling

Install method: Suspended


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3D Tile Designs

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