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Autex Accent Ceiling Tiles

Controls Sound The Simple Way

Unparalleled simplicity


The Accent Ceiling Tile is a simple, unassuming, high-performance acoustic tile designed to fit within standard grid systems, and comply with typical loading standards. Made from non-woven, needle punched 100% polyester fibre, the tiles are lightweight yet sturdy, so they will not chip, crack, or break. Each Accent Ceiling Tile is double sided, with one smooth white face, and one colourful face; simply mix and match colours and textures for a pop of personality.


Features and benefits

21 colour options

Delivers excellent acoustic performance

Designed to fit standard ceiling grids

Two functional sides—solid colour and classic white

Spun-bond cover protects tiles during installation



NRC Rating

21 colour options

100% Polyester Fibre

Size: 595 x 1195mm



0.00 absorbs 0% of noise

1.00 absorbs 100% of noise

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