320 Pitt Street Sydney

'incredibly effective at combating noise’


320 Pitt Street Sydney is an open plan shared working space including breakout areas, meeting rooms, executive offices, podcast broadcasting rooms and yes, even a yoga room. Most of which require collaboration, and all require minimal noise pollution.


One of the best ways to combat noise levels in an open plan office is to improve the acoustics in busy areas by reducing the sound that reflects off walls, flooring and office furniture. Sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels are an incredibly effective tool used to combat noise pollution and absorb harsh noises. The professional and proactive Visionchart team installed over 400 24mm Acoustic Panels, and over 60 LX6 Whiteboards across 10 Levels in 15 Days. The finishing quality created a collaborative environment, and noticeably reduced the shared working space noise.


Panels featured a black powder coat aluminium Edging framing. LX6 Whiteboards featured a bespoke white powder coat frame for a sleek minimal finish.

Location: 320 Pitt Street Sydney

Date: September 2020


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