Barangaroo, Sydney

'Combating noise in an active social workspace’


1 Sussex St is located within the Barangaroo corporate precinct. The project scope was comprised of a six level project aiming to reduce the internal noise and reverberation of the traditional building. Key to this was focusing on a practical solution with design appeal. Modern, open plan office environments need to ensure a comfortable and quieter workspace. The changes Implemented ensure a quieter more productive communication.


Acoustics are an essential feature in the working environments of the open space building, as a means to combat noise in the active social work areas for the coming and going companies and solo workspace renters.

300 Grey Acoustic Panels were installed across 6 levels of the building by the professional Visionchart installation team, finished with SANA25 Edging Black Powder Coat Trim.


Location: 1 Sussex St Sydney

Date: January 2020


24mm Acoustic Panels

LX6 Whiteboards


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EDGE LX6 Whiteboard


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