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..........Glass writing boards offer... a new era of stylish, colourful and 100% stain free communication.


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glassboards ® is a registered trade name of Visionchart P/L



..'VISIONCHART .. the leading supplier of Glassboards in Australia !


Glass whiteboard in silver Glass board in Barrister White
Glass whiteboard 1800x1200mm

Glass whiteboards ... or glassboards ®


..Why Glassboards ?

Glassboards ® can be supplied in in your choice of any standard Dulux colours.


Glassboard with a LCD TV in the middle
2 Glassboards with a LCD TV in the middle
Stylish Black Glassboards


For over 1000 colours go to Dulux


Glassboards ® can be supplied in any size though generally we recommend sizes up to 2400x1200mm

Sizes larger than this often have issues with lift access in high rise buildings. For larger areas ... simply place 2 units side by side.





..Standard Glass V's Starphire Glass ?

... When your chosen colour is important !


  • Standard safety glass contains traces of iron oxide
  • These oxides give a slight green tinge to the glass colour
  • The green tinge can affect the final look of your chosen colour
  • So if a close match to your chosen colour is required we recommed 'Starphire' glass
  • Starphire safety glass has the iron oxides remove
  • This then gives Starphire a completely 'clear' appearance .. allowing the colour choice to be very close
  • Starphire due to higher production costs is more expensive than Standard glass


Visionchart cannot accept responsibility for colour variations when supplied, as the chosen colours chosen can vary in shade from printed booklets or computer screens ...to that which is actually supplied.




Why Visionchart glassboards ® ?

Visionchart has been a leading supplier of communication boards for 28 years.

It makes sense to rely on the judgement and expertise of a company who specialise. It's all about providing the right solution.



..Glass Penshelf

OPTIONAL Extras ... NEW ! Our 500mm clear perspex penshelf ... new LOWER price !

  • Visionchart - Clear perspex penshelf
  • Lip holds everything in place
  • Holds markers and most erasers
  • 500mm length
  • Simple 2 way tape installation .. no need for drilling holes


...Corporate Logos

  • Our Glassboards can be supplied with the logo of your choice.
  • The logo will never rub off - it is supplied 'behind' the glass
  • Any colour
  • Any design
  • Any size
  • Glassboard has polished rounded corners
  • Tango Technology Glassboard has 'squre niped' corners


And now ... for the first time in Australia ... Magnetic Glassboards are available !!


Recent installations ...

  • Stunning black glassboards
  • Use a 'liquid chalk' marker pen with the black surface
  • These pens are available from Visionchart (Code : EBBP)



Glassboards® is a registered name of Visionchart P/L ACN 70 128 660 917

For more information Freecall us on : Australia 1800 06 7278

(+61 2 9725 3177) - Outside Australia .. Fax : + 61 2 9725 2568





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