...'Wave' Modular Office Screen and Partition



Our new Wave screen allows for stylish screening and privacy ... whilst maintaining light in the workspace

  • Stunning new curved 'Wave' Office Screen / Partition
  • The unique feature of this screen is the strong magnets on each screen ..which allow the screens to be joined
  • So easy to assemble them into unique patterns:
    • Create a full circle
    • Half circle
    • 'S' pattern
    • Extended 'long 'wave
  • Each screen measures approx 1603 H x 806 W x 400mm
  • The 400mm is the 'depth' of the legs on the ground
  • Featuring a bronze tinted & ribbed translucent polycarbonate
  • Silver / Grey powder coated steel frame
  • Can be 'stacked' when not is use
  • Create a unique screen solution in seconds (really!)
  • Each screen has 'super strong' magnets that join each panel together
  • No fiddly screws or connecting pieces
  • Just 'click' together with the magnets
  • Ideal for privacy without being visually obstructive
  • When viewed at an angle the light bronze polycarbonate enhances privacy
  • When viewed front on .. the screen offers diffused privacy
  • Ideal for ...
    • Real estate offices
    • Showrooms .. create a quiet customer discussion area
    • Libraries
    • Open plan offices .. for 'break out' zones
    • Hotels for private functions
    • Restaurants to create a quick 'VIP' area
    • Schools .. for quiet learning or 'Special Ed' areas
    • Trade shows and exhibitions ...


  • Most office screens and partitions are made from fabric
  • They offer no light and feel somewhat claustrophobic
  • Today's modern office is all about collaboration
  • Dont hide your team in little boxes
  • Our Wave screens offer privacy and light
  • They can be used for permanent or temporary screening while still maintaining light levels in the work area.

  • And if you ever need to store the Wave Screens it's easy
  • Takes up minimal floor space
  • Even fit into a storage cupboard or room



Get a PDF showing configuration possibilities




And ... now new Straight Wave Screen.


  • Join as many together as you like or need to
  • Light bronze ribbed polycarbonate screen
  • Same colour as 'Curved' screen
  • Curve Screen and Straight screens can be joined
  • Wave Screens connect effortless with strong magnets
  • A screw in 'foot' replaces the T- Leg in some configurations
  • The foot is included





























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