...  Projection Screens

Remember ... audiences retain only 10% of what they hear .. but 50% of what they see and hear ! 

Projection Screens .. allow you to communicate your important message to either a small group of colleagues .. or a large group of people.

It's all about Visual Communication. This is your opportunity to get the message across.

One image .. as they say 'can be worth a thousand words'.

And VISIONCHART projection screens give you ... effortless communication.

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....Wall Mounted  Projection Screens
A quality general purpose retractable matt white PVC projection screen.

Screens feature a 20mm black border for sharper viewing.
The screen retracts back into a white circular metal housing that can also be mounted from the ceiling.

Screen remains curl free, mildew resistant and is guaranteed to impress !

VP1515W 1520 x 1520mm
VP1818W 1780 x 1780mm
VP2418W 2400 x 1800mm
VP4040B Brackets

...Tripod  Projection Screens

A quality general purpose matt white PVC projection screen.Strong yet lightweight design ... easy to move around ! 

Take your screen with you ... or move it around the office. Supplied with a 20mm black border around the screen for enhanced viewing !

Adjustable viewing position to avoid a keystone effect (keystoning is the projection of an image onto the screen that make the image look trapezoidal - larger at the top - rather than square).

Strong black metal folding legs make for a very versatile and easily transportable screen ...
Sizes include ...


VP1515T 1520 x 1520mm
VP1818T 1780 x 1780mm
VP2418T 2400 x 1800mm





....Motorised  Screens
  • Ideal for any meeting room ... or home cinema.
  • The motorised screens feature a whisper quiet motor and a quality white PVC screen with a black border.
  • Each screen comes with a wall switch ..which has 'Up', 'Down' and 'Stop'.
  • As an added bonus ... our motorised screens also come with a wireless remote control for effortless presentations. RF (radio frequency) means you can control your screen from anywhere in the room .. regardless of 'line of sight'.  
  • Control your screen up to 20 metres away.   Each screen has a 'auto stop' function.
  • Metal housing with a 20mm black border around every screen for enhanced clarity.


VP1818M 1830 x 1830mm
VP2020M 2000 x 2000mm
VP2418M 2400 x 1800mm







... Pull Up Screens
  • Professional preserntations .. wherever you are !
  • Projection screen features an effortless 'sccisor lift' mechanism
  • Screen retracts back into metal housing
  • The housing also has swivel legs for stability
  • Screen size approx 1500 x 800mm
  • Overall height approx 1.9mts
  • Order Code VP1515P






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